1. A website is a showcase always available.

Your Website provides information about your company, products and services permanently, because the Internet never closes, so that virtual showcase works 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK AND 365 DAYS A YEAR, and from anywhere in the world . Visitors and potential buyers are able to view your virtual storefront at their convenience and no matter where they are. Also if they have any question, do not need to talk to any of your employees or partners, because the enquiry may be sent from the site and you can answer ASAP.

2. It is an infinite and updated source of information about your company.

It is possible to put as much information as you want on your website. Therefore, it becomes an inexhaustible source of information for prospective customers, who wish to review a product or service before ordering online, or visiting your company. Also you can easily update information about your products or services. It is no longer necessary to reprint marketing documents about your company when you have a new product or service, just update one or more pages of your site, and ready. You don´t need to wait anymore for the printing of a document, there is no cost for reprinting or dissemination of it.

3. It is an advertising tool more advanced than traditional.

Thanks to search engines like Google or Yahoo!, many people will find their products in a single click more easily and accurately than in the yellow pages. Unlike purchased advertising space in a magazine (visible a day or a week), your website will be visible all the time you want.

4. It is a medium to convince a potential customer before the competitors.

It´s important to be present on the Internet as soon as possible, to prevent potential customers go away to competitors that have a website. Today, more and more people review the Internet before making a purchase. Do not take the risk of losing customers: take your decision right now to have your website before it is too late.

5. A Website increases your credibility.

Simply having a website increases your credibility and gives your company an image of innovation and novelty. Your customers will also have the feeling that your company does not hesitate to invest to serve them better. They will be happy!

6. Internet allows you to reduce costs.

You will communicate with your customers and /or suppliers in a more economic way and without commute, through a contact form on your website, which in turn connects to your corporate email (No Gmail or Hotmail because they don´t reflect your brand ). But you can also refer to any part of your website in your messages or emails, so a person can find more information on a given topic.

7. Internet opens the doors of your business to thousands of potential customers.

Internet has millions of users, to be exact: 2,400 million up to 2012. This means that an habitant of three on our planet use the Internet. This figure increases every day and particularly in Latin America where the penetration rate is 29.9%, with an exponential growth. Thanks to your own website, you can open the doors of your business to a huge online community without having to invest in any physical store around the world.

8. A Website Improve customer service.

Internet allows you to offer an additional customer service. Many of your potential customers will find valuable information on your site, and thus they won´t make a call or go to your office for further information.

9. A Website is a way to get to know your customers.

Thanks to an online survey, monitoring the pages your customers view, or analyzing the statistics of your site; you have the opportunity to gather important information about the behavior of your potential customers and especially about their interests and needs. This information will allow you to adapt your products and services to meet the needs of your market.

10. A Website Keeps your customers updated of changes in your business.

It Allows you to display the latest news about your company such as: promotions, new product launches or a new branch opening. It will have a powerful tool of communication and promotion at a price far below any other, printed or audiovisual.

11. It is the best form of connection with social networking.

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and other dozens of social networks connected to the Web, allow you to easily share with thousands of users all articles and information. From press releases, which reinforce the public relations, until daily deals which increase sales.

12. A Website is an asset.

When you create a Website, you are establishing an asset that is as important as your brand, and which over time will spread itself across the global network; and thus gaining ground on search engines like Google and Yahoo. This means when potential customers search the keyword of your business in a search engine, (either from a PC, Tablet or Cell) they can find you business easily (and they will find you sooner than the competition, if you act early and effectively)