You may ask: What is the best way for my potential customers finding my business?

 To answer the above question, we must know a few things:

1. Is your current Website, updated and optimized?

 2. Can you find your Website searching it from any Business Portal?

 3. Is it localizable in any search engine?

 4. Is the information that appears on the Web about your business, updated?

 5. Do you know exactly where your business is listed?

 If you answered NO to any of these questions, you are preventing your company from be easily seen by potential customers. Remember that Google and the other search engines give importance to Websites that are optimized (both for mobile devices and for search engines).

 You should know that the most important is, whether your business is listed in business directories. And not just listed, but well listed. This means with accurate and consistent information regarding the NAP – AKA – NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER, in all directories, aggregators, Navigation Systems, GPS sites, and so on. This will increase the credibility of your company in the search engines; indicating that it is a real business, easily reachable.

 But complete the listings for your business this way, and to claim it, is no easy, because everything must be hand submitted and properly claimed, building high quality business citations across a wide array of sites. Here is where Lendo Services come in, to solve them that problem.

 Lendo provides a completion report, emailed to you to show you proof of work.

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