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Establish a Presence so that consumers can find you online.

Website Development

Lendo Services specializes in building Custom & Semi-Custom Websites. We know what it means for a business or freelancer to have an online presence. A website these days is an indispensable tool for the development of any business because it allows direct contact with customers, and provides them the information they need to make a purchasing decision (fixation of the brand, product or service information, customer service and support); providing key information to buy your products or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anyone, anywhere in the world. With the growth of wireless technology and the Internet, a well optimized website is no considered an option. It is a corporate asset and a critical tool in your online marketing plan.

According to US Department of Commerce:

“Those businesses that use the Internet grew 46% faster than those that did not use it”

According to Digitrends:

“87% of the online users depend on the Internet to access local information, and 52.7% of the online business directories users visit a merchant because of what they saw online”


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Mobile Website Optimization/Creation

The use of phones and other mobile devices (Tablets, IPads, etc.) to browse and shop online are outpacing desktops and laptops. This has led companies to overturn Internet marketing to mobile marketing. The mobile-optimized pages are especially valuable in tourist areas or focused travelers, as these rely on phones and other mobile devices to their searches and purchases. This trend is growing every day, as more people have access to the Internet.
Businesses and independent professionals must know this reality to upgrade to the new times. So if you have a not optimized website; without realizing you’re alienating your current and future customers, as they don´t have a pleasant experience surfing there.
Google changed its algorithm to not index at the top websites that are not optimized. They also issued a reminder on his blog, which points out that two thirds of consumers reported they are more willing to buy into a mobile-optimized website, and just under two thirds (61%) said they´d abandon a page from your mobile phone, if they do not see what they want.

Lendo Services aware of this fact, offers Website Mobile Optimization, with which your company may have a website that provides your customers friendly navigation experience.

Our Website Optimization Service add many features to help visitors get what they want: Click to Call button; to call directly to your business. Click to Text; to send text messages. Google Map button; to get your address instantly. Social Links, etc.

Note: The website that we will create, works in parallel with your original website and is automatically updated with it.


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Social Media Profiles

Creation and configuration of the Facebook page or Twitter profile for your business.
– Design of cover of your page.
-Creation of 2 posts.
– Promotion: We promote your new Fanpage or Twitter profile until you get at least 100+ likes or 100+ followers from real users.


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Online Listings

“If You Are No Properly Using Google+ Business & Listings In Directories, You Are Missing The Most Important Tool, To Be Found By Your Customers or Prospects!”


Everybody is looking all that wants right from their mobile phones



Directory listings!

What are those?

Do you need a restaurant to take your wife and kids to? Pull out the phone and use a well known directory like Yelp or Foursquare.
Do you need a plumber to unstop your sink? Google “plumber”. Look at the G+ Local listings and choose someone that looks good!
People are finding businesses like this millions of times a day!
Yet some businesses are missing the boat, by not having a completed listing, on the main directory type platforms.

Why not?

Because it’s a pain to complete the listings, and to claim it. This is where we come in to solve them that problem!


Lendo Listings Services

Service Of Properly Claiming And Filling In Directory Listings For Businesses!

Because it’s a pain to complete the listings, and to claim it. This is where we come in to solve them that problem!
We will list your site on Google+ Business and major search engines and directories according to the objective and geographical area you want to get your website.

Some Advantages:

1.- Businesses with numerous and accurate citations rank higher in Google Places.
2.- Claiming your listings helps you keep your online reputation under your control.
3.- Increased visibility! It´s yet another way for your clients to find you.

What is a Citation?

A Citation is your Business Name, Address and Phone Number – AKA – your “NAP”. Google uses these citations to establish your trusted location for the local search algorithm.
The greater the number of citations on trusted directories, the higher your business will show in local search results. That is why it is critical that your business have accurate citations on the most trusted directories.

What We Provide:

– Optimized Business Video Created and Uploaded.

– Hand Submitted Listings to the Top Directories.

– Submission to Mobile Search, Mobile Maps, GPS and Navigation Systems.

– Optimized Google Listing (If needed)

– Optimized Yahoo & Bing Listing (Verification Included)

– Social Media Pages Created on Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare (If needed)

– Citation Blast – Additional Citations Built on Blogs, Photo & Video Sites.

How This Works:

Your Business
Our primary goal behind our submission process is, to build high quality business citations across a wide array of sites.
The main reason for building the citations and business profiles, is designed to help push rankings in Google Places. The more citations a business has, helps Google trust in that business listings. In addition the consistency of the data is important as to not confuse Google.
Submitting to directories is time consuming and boring. Our team will hand submit local business details, to a large list of local directories, social media sites, mobile directories, GPS Nav. sites and web 2.0 sites on your behalf.
We provide completion reports. This report will be emailed to you, to show proof of work. The report also includes the Username and Password plus the email we set up for this submission. In this report you will see if your business is originally listed on the website or directory, the submission status and the URL of the new listing, if available. We then will Ping all directory URL’s, if available.


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Website Updates & Maintenance

Lendo offer the update and maintenance of your website. You can choose the plan that best suits to you (Monthly or Annual Payment).
Website Maintenance includes maintenance and operation of it, ensuring a continuous uptime of 99.9%. This includes minor changes that you want to run to it. In case of a major modification, it would be discussed. Also included software update required for the operation files and database.


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