What’s The Main Thing Every Business Want?


Do you need CUSTOMERS calling to your business and NEVER RUN OUT of them?


We have your solution…


Dear Business owner,

If you want more potential customers calling to your business, and do not want your competition to take your own piece of the pie, we can help you.

We can get more leads, more customers, and more business for you.

But not just any leads, but real targeted, interested leads for your business

I mean potential customers calling to your business, and generated exclusively for you.

We are a team that is dedicated to improving visibility as well as managing the online reputation of companies.

For years we have worked with many companies, and we have learned the fact that every business owner is thrilled with getting targeted leads on a consistent basis, so we have focused on deliver real, consistent, high-quality results for them.

Here’s How It Works!

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You Order Our Trial Package!

Order our trial package of 10 leads


We Get To Work!

We start generating leads for you


You Order A Full Campaign!

Once we’ve completed the trial, we will get back to you with how many leads we can generate each month, so you can order our full packages.

What Kind Of Leads Are These?

All of the leads we generate for you will be live calls!

All of the calls we generate for you will be from people who see our marketing, or are actively searching for a business in your niche and city. They then call our tracking number, which automatically forwards the call to your phone.

So you will be speaking to the lead right in the moment when they are actually looking for a business in that niche, in that city.

Here’s How The Process Will Work!

1 Order Our Trial Package

Just order our trial package on this page to get started. Please note that for the trial package we only charge to cover part of the ad spend. However, a full-blown campaign will be full price (about $48 per lead). We usually use certain coupons for new customers. That way we can test the market in your area, and we prepare to serve you a complete and permanent campaign.

2 Send Us Your Details

Then send us details about your business, like the niche, the city to target, your phone number, etc…

3 We Get To Work

Then we start developing your campaign; doing PPC, social media, classified ads, and voice broadcast marketing.

4 We Setup A Call Whisper

We setup a generic or custom whisper, so you know the call was generated from us.

5 We Generate Leads

We will continue generating leads until the number of calls per campaign is reached.

6 We Send You A Report

Once all the leads have been delivered, we send you a report with all the calls, so you can review our work.

7 We Do It Again!

If you are happy with the trial (and we bet that you will), then we can start on generating a new batch of leads again for you.

Although we can work with any business, our team is highly specialized in obtaining prospects for the following niches:




Plastic Surgeons





Commercial Cleaners



Day Spas

Day Care

Rehab Centers


Assisted Living

And many others!

Our target is that you get a consistent stream of targeted leads every month

Order Your Trial Lead Package Now!

Lead Gen Trial Package

10 leads @ $19 per lead – Only $190!

(Discounted from about $48 per lead for full packages)

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